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Preseli Bluestones
Year Zero Stonehenge


Sion Pysgod

ISBN 0-9533512-0-3

Discover Pembrokeshire's Legends

Boldly go thousands of years back in time to the dawn of our Western World with the world's greatest scientist Cleopatra Binns, and explore Europe's oldest legend ... the legend of Pembrokeshire's Preseli Bluestones and their relationship with Stonehenge. Could the world's greatest scientist really be a woman? Could there really be a relationship between the Preseli Mountains and Stonehenge? Could there really be a relationship between you and the dawn of time? A relationship that has been somehow lost but could it really be regained from the inspiration of a legend ...


"Mae amser yn teithio mewn cyflymder amrywiol gwahanol bobl"
"Time travels in divers paces with divers persons"
Shakespeare, As You Like It


 Preseli Bluestones by Sion Pysgod

features aspects of Pembrokeshire's unique history and legends so exploring Pembrokeshire's relationship with Stonehenge via the Bluestones of the Preseli Mountains ... the legendary Bluestones of the Preseli Mountains which thousands of years ago are reputed - according to Europe's oldest legend and confirmed in modern times by the science of Geology - to have been transported by land and sea 140 miles as the crow flies, from Pembrokeshire to build the astronomical supercomputer of Stonehenge ... Archaeologists estimate that at least 80 Preseli Bluestone monoliths were transported from the Preseli Mountains to Stonehenge, by human muscle power and the natural forces of gravity, winds and tides ... But Pembrokeshire isn't only home to Europe's oldest legend it is also home to Europe's newest legend too, that of the 1970s sightings of numerous UFOs in what became known as the infamous 'Broadhaven Triangle' ... Not forgetting the epic march of the to be Henry VII's army from Pembrokeshire to the battle of Bosworth Field [1485] which inspired Shakespeare to write Richard III's lament: "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse" ... Only by unlocking the intricacies of our human minds can we hope to understand these beguiling mysteries ... supposedly incomprehensible until subjected to the genius of a Woman's infinite curiosity... and a Reader's desire to reboot their psyche



WORLD FIRST: first book ever to be published simultaneously online and in print!
Published simultaneously in a free-to-read OnLine Edition and as a Star of Pembrokeshire Series Paperback


ISBN 0953351203 (price 9.99, 172 pages, ~53,000 words) distributed by the Welsh Books Council. It can be purchased direct from them, or from them via your local bookshop, or from Available in Tenby from the Cofion Bookshop.


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