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Black Barty


Aubrey Burl

Pembrokeshire's Pirate of the Caribbean

Tenby Observer: Recovered from original sources, Black Barty is the fascinating true story of Bartholomew Roberts, one of the most successful and deadly pirates in all of history, and the model for Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Black Barty was pirate captain of a succession of ships (including the Royal Rover, Fortune, Royal Fortune, and Good Fortune) which burned and plundered ships from the coasts of Brazil and the Caribbean and as far north as Newfoundland. Two years after Roberts was made captain, he had accumulated over 51 million worth of treasure and had taken close to 400 ships.

Born in Little Newcastle in Pembrokeshire in 1680, Black Barty was the greatest pirate of his age. A "tea drinking marauder of astonishing audacity", he was fearless in battle, but good to his prisoners and fair to his crew. He drank a lot of tea instead of alcohol, was well-mannered and clean shaven, and discouraged drinking and gambling amongst his crew. He is believed to be the first pirate to fly the Skull and Crossbones and was responsible for the expression Jolly Roger.

In Black Barty, Aubrey Burl vividly depicts the harsh reality of pirate life, with all the squalor, disease, temptation, fear, triumph and debauchery that it entailed.

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Black Barty by Aubrey Burl


There are few accounts of piracy to equal the book published in Holland by Alexander Exquemelin in 1678. His eye-witness record of the feats of the British, French and Dutch who ravaged shipping and terrorized Spanish Caribbean settlements in the seventeenth century - together with the fate of the ethnic inhabitants of the Caribbean - makes a vivid and horrific story of courage, endurance, genocide and inhuman cruelty.