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Explore your Relationship with Pembrokeshire

Love Pembrokeshire? The Publishers are investigating the possibility of publishing an anthology of poems with a Pembrokeshire theme.

For this to be a commercially viable proposition then several hundred poems would be needed.

Anyone with a love of poetry and Pembrokeshire - whether a native, resident, exile, tourist, visitor, professional, amateur, new, unknown, established, famous even - are welcome to submit an entry.

The anthology is currently being compiled in real-time on the Publisher's Preseli Bluestones Internet Subscription Channel.

When submitting a poem please include name, current place of residence, your relationship to Pembrokeshire (eg place of birth, residence, ancestory, tourist etc) - perhaps date of composition and details of the occasion or special circumstances which provided its inspiration; including any relevant biographical details of the poet; possibly a dedication.

Copyright of poems would remain with authors and the anthology would be published as a Star of Pembrokeshire Series Paperback. It would also be simultaneously published on the Preseli Bluestones Internet Subscription Channel. At a later date it could also, possibly, appear as a Welsh language translation edition.

Entry of poems (to a maximum of five) is FREE but in the event of publication (in English, Welsh and other translations) then no fees will be payable by the Publishers to poets, or complementary copies supplied.

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Entries should be submitted by e-mail to the Publishers at:





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