John Fish B.Sc. Publishers of Tenby in Wales (UK)


Sick of Junk Food?

Do you believe that the Universe is inhabited by StarTrek-type humanoids that drive around in great big spaceships zapping each other?

Do you believe that ordinary people are like the carrots of EastEnders? Carrots! Didn't you know that 'moron' is the Welsh word for 'carrot'?

Do you think that Junk Food is good for you? Or does it make you fat, lazy, is bad for you heart and what does it do for your emotions and your mind too? Do you read books from the public libraries and major high-street bookshops? Then you're probably reading books from the major publishers! Then you're probably reading Junk Culture! And it's probably as bad for you as Junk Food.

What about your mind, your heart and your emotions? There's only one cure ...

Star of Pembrokeshire Series Paperbacks

Published at Tenby in the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park (Wales, UK)