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Oh! Hello!


Dave Ainsworth

Tenby Observer: "At the meeting last Friday evening [22nd November 2002] of Tenby Arts Club, Eastgate Productions (in association with the Torch Theatre) presented a one-man show "Oh! Hello!" - the story of the forgotten man of the Carry-On Films: Charles Hawtrey. The production was written and performed by Dave Ainsworth.

"Charles Hawtrey was an eccentric and under-rated comedian who had a successful career on stage and in radio, and felt that he deserved a higher billing in the Carry-On films. As a result of disagreeing with the producer, Peter Rogers, he left the series in 1972.

"Dave Ainsworth told the comedian's story with poignancy and humour. In a very moving performance, Tenby Arts Club members saw how Hawtrey's self-delusion and gradual decline into an alcoholic recluse led to a lonely end.

"Dave Ainsworth gave a convincing performance with understated acting and true understanding of a forgotten man.

"The audience showed their appreciation with warm applause and, in a vote of thanks, chairperson Keith Hine wished Dave Ainsworth every success with his forthcoming tour."

Dave Ainsworth has a novel in-print: Silly Mid Off