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Betrayal at Stonehenge 1000 BC


Jim Nesper

"Stonehenge is the most famous prehistoric monument in the entire world. In fact it is ranked with the pyramids of Egypt as the most famous monument that the ancient world has given us." Dr. Ronald Hutton, PhD., University of Bristol, England.

Who were the amazing people who built Stonehenge? How did they do it? Why? What about their religious beliefs? Now, a novel has been written that reconstructs the past and brings vitality to those valiant people at ancient Stonehenge.

Betrayal at Stonehenge 1000 BC gives life to those astounding ancient farmers who created Stonehenge. The author puts flesh on their skeletal remains and creates believable saints and sinners. The story portrays the life of Bronze Age people. There was a strong religious affinity to the summer solstice sunrise and a dreaded fear of the eclipse of the sun. These interdependent people experienced famine, a paranoid shaman, murders, prehistoric surgery [trephine], bronze making, the joy of marriage, the beauty and agony of birth, a mystical funeral and the rebuilding of Stonehenge.

"In 'Betrayal at Stonehenge 1000 BC', the author employs the facts of another time to create something imaginative and exciting. I intend to invite him on my radio show again." Sandy Sandberg station KELY.

This book represents years of research on how they lived, buried their dead and built Stonehenge. Betrayal at Stonehenge 1000 BC is an educational adventure story where mystery and science fiction are natural components. This book guarantees enjoyment for those who have an inquisitive mind and an intelligent curiosity.

When James Nesper (of Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA) first saw Stonehenge in 1986, he was unimpressed. Basically a pile of rocks, Nesper thought. But the trip to Salisbury Plain, England - about 90 miles outside London - left Nesper wondering about the personalities connected with the prehistoric megaliths, and his interest in Stonehenge changed from ambivalent to deep.

"I have always been fascinated by Stonehenge and James Nesper made it come alive." Hilly Rose, Sirius Satellite Radio.

Nesper went on to write a book, Betrayal at Stonehenge 1000 BC. This historical novel [reports Jarrod Zickefoose, Cleveland Sun Press] attempts to depict the struggles and day-to-day existence of a people who lived during a period of profound transition: from a hunter-gatherer society to an agriculturally-based one. "I collected a lot of material and thought, why not write a book? Let's put some life and blood into these people and watch them grow," resolved Nesper.

The time and setting are fecund, Stonehenge and it's people remain largely a mystery, leaving room to stretch one's imagination. Or as james Nesper succintly puts it: "There is no evidence of a written language [from the period]. We will never find a Rosetta Stone for Stonehenge."

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