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A Tenby Lifeboat Family


Avis Nixon

ISBN 0-9533512-2-X

Explore Tenby's Past

Ever wondered why there is so much dissatisfaction in the materialism of the modern world? Could it be that we've somehow lost our way by disengaging from our roots? Exploring the relationship between Tenby and its Lifeboat could help you gain an understanding ... and with the gift of hindsight, as Shakespeare would have said, "Perchance to Dream"


"Dyma ddiwedd fy siwrnai ... a marc dŵr uchel fy mywyda"
"Here is my journey's end ... and very sea-mark of my utmost sail"
Shakespeare, Othello


A Tenby Lifeboat Family by Avis Nixon


Tenby's the oldest town in Wales with the archaeological evidence revealing habitation dating back thousands of years: the Castle Hill an Iron Age fortress, caves at Penally and Caldy Island inhabited in the Stone Age. Yet Tenby is still Tenby almost as if the peninsula on which it stands, protected by sea and town walls, cocoons an oasis ... Very much 'living' history and, as such, is a veritable time-capsule of the world of yesteryear making a contrast with the world of today ... It's also a time-capsule of the universe of human emotions: people putting their lives on-the-line to save others, the tragedies of individual lives, the light-hearted happiness of a childhood without pollution and the motor car, yet aginst a background of the insanity of the most horrific conflict in human history ... Yet in one small town, in one small community, humanity continually triumphs. Whether against greed or evil, humanity is the underlying theme of A Tenby Lifeboat Family making it an antidote against the dead-pan reality of the new millennium ... Once upon a time this is how the world was and needs to become again. Is it political? Only to the insanest spin-doctor. But to you? You may not know it but A Tenby Lifeboat Family is where your roots lie regardless of your individual origins anywhere on planet Earth ... For the humanity of the human spirit is what enables us to walk on the Moon and look back with pride at little old planet Earth and know that is where we belong for that is our home ... So if, wherever you may be reading this, you feel down-trodden by a meaningless existence then this book is Avis Nixon's gift of a future to you. ... For there is a future but only if you remember that it belongs to you. Is it poetical? If the stars in the night sky are poetical, then yes. If the deepset reds of a fine sunset are poetical, then yes. If the moonbeams on a dark ocean are poetical, then yes ... For surely humanity, what it is to be human, is to know one's place in the natural world of human emotions. But enough of melancholia, Avis Nixon will make you laugh too ... So there you have it: with the gift of hindsight you'll be able to judge for yourself!


Published simultaneously in a free-to-read OnLine Edition and (price 9.99) as a Star of Pembrokeshire Series Paperback


ISBN 095335122x (price 9.99, 204 pages, ~65,000 words) distributed by the Welsh Books Council. It can be purchased direct from them, or from them via your local bookshop, or from Available in Tenby from the Cofion Bookshop.


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