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Pembrokeshire's X-Files

"Well Tony, now we're on our own there's something I'd like to ask you ... strictly off the record, if you know what I mean."

"Fine with me, Bill."

"Listen ... do you watch Star Trek, the X Files ... all that paranormal science fiction stuff?"

"I have done but I don't really get much time for the TV these days."

"Ha, ha, nor do I but some people believe in all that, do you?"

"Well I don't believe that the stories are true to life and based on factual information but on the other hand ... well, who knows, either we are alone or we are not alone."

"Well put Tony I like that: either we are alone or we are not alone. If you don't mind I think I'll use that, is that okay?"

"Sure thing Bill, be my guest." The British Primeminister sipped from a glass of water and surprised since the President of the United States of America didn't seem to have anything serious to discuss cleared his throat and was going to raise his own agenda.

But the President continued along the same vague chatty theme: "You been to West Wales Tony, to a place called Pembrokeshire?"

"It so happens I was there last year, there was the Sea Empress oil supertanker environmental disaster ... if you remember?"

"I sure do Tony, I sure do. But that's not why I raised the subject. See the thing is we used to have a US Navy facility at a place in Pembrokeshire called Brawdy. Only closed a year or two ago but during the Cold War its job was to monitor the hydrophones we lay along the ocean floor at the approaches to the North Atlantic in order to keep under surveillance the movements of Soviet submarines as they left and returned to their bases at Murmansk.

"As you'll appreciate this operation required a high level of security. By comparing what we knew with the factual information the Soviets would know how efficient our detection systems really were. So we had CIA agents infiltrated amongst the base's US Navy personnel and no one, not even the base commander, would know who they were; probably wouldn't even suspect that such a low key covert operation was being undertaken."

"Makes you people sound a bit more sinister than the KGB!"

"Not really but people can get led astray, hey!" Bill nudged Tony and the two men shared a knowing smile. "Anyway, our man infiltrated the local drugs scene to check it out and by that mechanism made contact with a female scientist who was working at your nearby top secret subterranean research establishment at Trecwn." The President flashed a triumphant smile: "You didn't know we knew that Tony, did you?"

"Knew what?"

"About Trecwn."

"I must admit that I haven't the foggiest idea about what you're talking about."

"Trecwn ... you claim it's just an ammunition store but we know its true designation."

"Well in that case you know more than me, I'll have to look into this later."

"No need I can tell you. Trecwn's been decommissioned, closed down. Which leads to the question: What became of the subterranean top secret laboratories? Have they been closed down too?"

"I simply don't know!"

"Must have been, mustn't they. In which case, where have they been relocated to? That's what I want to know."

"Assuming your scenario is correct, and I have no evidence to make a judgement on its truth or otherwise, would you mind sharing with me why you want to know?"

"It's what George Bush called the New World Order at the time of the Gulf War: USA number one and you Brits big in Europe. Number one in Europe if you play your cards right, we don't mind, we'd like you to be. America and Britain go back a long way, fought and won a lot of wars together but now you're messing all that up, you're holding back on us."

"Are we Bill?"

"Sure are Tony ... don't you think it's time you came clean? New administration, new start. The British people have seen sense, returned to their roots, and voted in you and your colleagues. But wouldn't it be best to make a clean breast of it all and come clean?"

"I'm sorry Bill, I don't understand what on Earth you could be talking about?"

"In that case we're going to have to trust each other. What I'm asking for is for the US Army to send in a team of experts to examine Trecwn from top to bottom. Secret operation, no publicity."

"What would you expect them to find?"

"Can't say Tony, can't say, but this is important enough for me to ask you this favour in the US national interest, and for the future peace and stability of mankind."

"How about if I make enquires of our Ministry of Defence when I return home and give you a ring?"

"So that everything can be removed that you don't want us to know about ... look Tony, how about if our team visits Trecwn to inspect the site for toxic waste; soil samples, test drillings, that sort of low key thing."

"In principle I'd like Britain to cooperate and so build on our special relationship but I do really need a reason."



Bill laughed: "Unidentified flying objects: seems like there's been considerable UFO activity over Pembrokeshire since the Second World War and we've got proof that the British government believes in UFOs since in the late 1970s a governmental agency known as the Wales' Tourist Board marketed UFO spotting holidays in the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park. The Pentagon assumes that anyway, they also have reason to believe that contact has been made with aliens of identity unknown. In order to preserve the New World Order we need to know what you know otherwise you've got an unfair technological advantage which could upset the status quo and initiate global conflict."

Tony was serious: "Bill, I'm not really happy with the drift of this conversation. If you believe in little green men then that is really your own concern but there really are more pressing matters to discuss. Such as the environment with regard to Britain's emissions of greenhouse gases, specifically carbondioxide emissions and the plans to import Orimulsion from Venezuela to be burned at Pembroke Power Station ... in the same part of the World, what a coincidence?"

Bill gripped Tony's knee and looked him straight in the eye: "You Brits are good at inventing things, but hopeless at developing them. Computers, jet engines, supersonic jet planes, Harrier jump jets, twin rotor helicopters, trains ... you name it you invented it ... but we developed it ... the tank, good example, military application of technology. The Pentagon believes you possess a piece of new technology and they want to develop it."

Tony was experiencing physical discomfort from Bill's grip of his knee and, given his reputation, found himself wondering what sort of bedroom games he got up to ... then forced himself to confront the issue: "You're saying that the Pentagon believes the Ministry of Defence know something which they are keeping secret from the political establishment?"

"Yes!" Tony winced in pain as Bill's grip instantly tightened: "Sorry Tony ... sometimes the sci-fi nuts come up with stories of the aliens taking over, infiltrating our institutions to the highest levels."

"The press do use science fiction analogies to poke fun at the opposition. One's described as a Vulcan after Mister Spock in Star Trek and their new leader is described as the Mekong after the character in the old Dan Dare stories ... and with Margaret Thatcher as Primeminister it was as if the whole country had been abducted by aliens! ... But Bill, I don't believe they are aliens in that respect, perhaps from humanity but not aliens from outer space."

"Perhaps they've been brainwashed then! Perhaps the aliens are taking over by reprogramming our mentality?"

The thought crossed Tony's mind that perhaps that wouldn't be a bad idea in Bill's case since by reputation he was rather weak on moral values; "But what would they possibly have to gain?"

"Power ... doesn't matter about anything else, whether they have a rational or irrational reason ... at the end of the day it's just about power."

Bullshit baffles brains and the British Primeminister decided to humour the President of the United States of America in order to find a way out of this cosmic maze: "How about a joint undercover team? Pentagon and MI5 too, in line with your suggestion to survey Trecwn for toxic waste?"

"Great thinking Tony, that will do nicely."

"Hmmm ... I was just wondering Bill, whether the United States would like to place an exhibit in my new Millennium Dome ..."

Preseli Bluestones by Sion Pysgod

Published at Tenby in the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park (Wales, UK)

As a Star of Pembrokeshire Series Paperback

BBC WEBSITE: Archaeologists say remains found near Stonehenge are almost certainly those of the ancient people who helped to build the monument. Tests on teeth found in a 4,300-year-old grave at Boscombe Down suggest the prehistoric workmen were from West Wales. It was already known that Bluestones from the Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire were used in building Stonehenge - called Cr y Cewri which means Choir of Giants. The grave was unusual as it contained the remains of seven people - three children, a teenager and three men. Archaeologists are calling them "the Boscombe bowmen" because of the flint arrowheads in their graves. Dr Andrew Fitzpatrick, of Wessex Archaeology, revealed the findings as the summer solstice dawned over Stonehenge: "In medieval times, people believed that the stones could only have been brought to Stonehenge by Merlin the Wizard," he said. "For the first time we have found the mortal remains of one of the families who were almost certainly involved in this monumental task. The skulls of the men and the teenager are so similar that they must be related. The bowmens' teeth provided the clue to where they came from. As the enamel forms on children's' teeth, it locks in a chemical fingerprint of where they grew up." He said that tests by British Geological Survey scientists on the bowmens' teeth showed they were raised in a place where the rocks are very radioactive. "This was either in the Lake District or West Wales," he said. The grave was found during road improvement works. Seven or eight pots were buried with the dead to hold food and drink for the journey to the next life. The pots are very similar to those found nearby at a grave discovered last year containing a man known as the Amesbury archer. He was the earliest metalworker known from Britain, and his grave contained the earliest gold objects in Britain. Tests on his teeth showed that he came from central Europe. Dr Fitzpatrick added: "The Boscombe bowmen, a band of brothers, must almost certainly be linked with the bringing of the bluestones to Stonehenge. With the discovery that the Amesbury archer came from central Europe, these finds are casting the first light on an extraordinary picture at the dawn of the metal age." [21st June 2004] The archdruid of Wales has called for England's most famous landmark to be returned to Wales. In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, Dr Robyn Lewis pointed out the significance of the discovery of the graves of the Boscombe Bowmen, asking: "Since the Stone of Destiny was returned to Scotland a few years since, and it is clearly only a matter of time until the Elgin Marbles are returned to Greece, may I express a request that Stonehenge be returned to Wales?" [22nd June 2004]