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World First for Saundersfoot

"Who said they were? But the spacecraft came into the Brits' possession during the Second World War in an active theatre of war. Pembrokeshire with its port of Milford Haven and airfields was an important base in fighting the Battle of the Atlantic. What seems to have happened is that it was initially catalogued as one of Hitler's secret weapons and put into safe storage at Trecwn then forgotten by the military establishment."

"What a waste, if only we'd had this technology for Vietnam." Groaned Baker.

Binns was patronising: "It wouldn't have been much use to you, I was only a kid then."

The President was incredulous: "Forgotten!!?"

"Apparently so," shrugged Binns. "But perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised when you consider that a certain William Frost of Saundersfoot, in Pembrokeshire, filed a patent for the aeroplane with the British government in 1894. And actually made the first powered flight eight years before the Wright brothers in 1895." The others expressed their astonishment and Binns condescendingly explained: "The problem with the Brits is their anachronistic class system, it emasculates their communal intelligence and creates a hierarchical based mentality where commonsense becomes subservient to dogma, such as at the time of the American War of Independence in 1776. A bit like the Pentagon really, the higher rank one has then the more the ability of one to bend the truth resulting in what I suppose one could describe as rule by ranker!"

Binns paused and smiled nicely at Baker then continued: "Anyway we're digressing, but back to business ... If we're on the right track then we're thinking about time travel encompassing a few years or even months. We know absolutely nothing about time travel but a safe assumption might be that there is a relationship between energy expended and elapsed time; in the same way that the distance that a vehicle can travel depends on its energy source. Also, larger scale time travel might be non-viable over thousands of years given that the geography of a terrain could change and rematerialisation could be terminal, along the lines of reappearing in solid rock."

"So does that explain fossils!" Joked Baker.


Extract from Preseli Bluestones by Sion Pysgod

Published at Tenby in the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park (Wales, UK)

As a Star of Pembrokeshire Series Paperback