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Billy and Bobby are very mischievous kittens who live at Hendre farm. They are lovable rogues who simply cannot stay out of trouble for a single day, no matter how hard they try. They live at Hendre with the farmer and his wife Jack and Hannah. Also there are their friends, Gertie the cow, Porky the pig, Captain the horse, and Ben the dog. I think that these stories would work well with pictures, however I am not an artist but my daughter has drawn some some pictures to go with them if anyone is interested. The stories are:

Bobbyís Lost His Voice
Billy, Bobby And The Stranger
Billy, Bobby And The Pancakes
Billy and Bobbyís Day Out At The Mart
Billy, Bobby And The Visitor

In the final story the visitor is another kitten called Boo Boo who after their escapade stays on the farm with them permanently. Therefore the next series could be: The Adventures of Billy, Bobby and Boo Boo.





Sample Chapter

Bobbyís Lost His Voice

It is the start of another day for all who live in Hendre; the morning sun shines down on the farmhouse. Jack the farmer and his wife Hannah have just finished milking the cows. Billy and Bobby the two kittens are waking up in their nice warm beds of hay in the barn.

"Miaow" Billy awakens from a long nightís sleep. He can hear all the familiar sounds outside in the farmyard letting him know it is time to get up. But where is his brother Bobby? He hears a sound in the hay behind him, ah hereís Bobby!

"Good morning lazy bones" greeted Billy. Bobby opens his mouth to reply but no sound came out.

"Whatís wrong?" Billy asks his brother. Bobby opens his mouth even wider but still no sound came out and Bobby just stands there looking so unhappy.

In a flash Billy understood what was wrong.

Bobby had lost his voice!!!

"Quick, thereís no time to waste; we must find your voice!!" Billy pushes his brother towards the door.

Out onto the farmyard they both go and the first of their friends they see is Jack the farmer,"Oh please Jack have you seen Bobbyís voice, heís lost it?" But Jack can only shake his head," Iím sorry, but no I havenít seen his voice anywhere," "Why donít you ask Ben"?

The next of their friends they see is Ben the sheepdog. "Oh please Ben have you seen Bobbyís voice, heís lost it?!!" Ben looks at Bobby as he stood by his brother looking so sad. But Ben can only shake his head "Iím so sorry I havenít seen his voice anywhere," "Why donít you go and ask Porky the pig?"

So off the two cats go over to the pigsty where Porky was eating his breakfast and grunting loudly.

"Oh please Porky have you seen Bobbyís voice, heís lost it?" asks Billy, but Porky can only shake his head "Iím so sorry I havenít seen his voice anywhere, why donít you go and ask Hannah?"

They see Hannah up by the farmhouse." Please Hannah have you seen Bobbyís voice?" "Heís lost it" asks Billy but Hannah can only shake her head "Iím so sorry but no I havenít seen it anywhere but Iím sure itíll come back," she says fondly patting the unhappy looking Bobby. "Why donít you go and ask Gertie the cow?"

"So once again off the two cats go to Ďthe bottom fieldí where Gertie is munching on the nice green grass.

"Oh please Gertie have you seen Bobbyís voice?", "Heís lost it." Gertie looks at poor Bobby who by now is very near to tears again but shakes her head sadly" Iím so sorry but no I havenít seen Bobbyís voice anywhere, why donít you go and ask Captain the horse?"

So once again off go the two kittens up toí the top fieldí to see Captain the horse. They find Captain grazing on the nice green grass but as soon as he sees them he comes trotting over.

"Please Captain have you seen Bobbyís voice heís lost it?" asks Billy for the fourth time. Bobby was looking sadder by the minute.

But as with their other friends Captain shakes his head. "Iím so sorry my two friends but I havenít seen it anywhere, have you asked all your other friends?"

"Weíve asked everyone now and no-oneís seen it" by now Billy is also looking very upset as well. "Come on Bobby letís go back to the farm yard perhaps your voice will decide to come back."

So back they both go and wait all day for Bobbyís voice to come back, but sadly it still hadnít come back by nightfall. Bobby by now is very, very sad and two little tears are trickling down his cheeks. Billy tries all sorts to cheer him up, doing handstands and landing in a heap on the floor, laughing the whole time, but nothing worked.

Everyone on the farm is by now sleeping and itís so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

All of a sudden Billy jumps up, "I know who we havenít asked, Ossie, the wise old owl, come on!!" He doesnít give his brother a chance to say no as he nudges him with his nose towards the door. Letís go and find him!!"

So off go the two kittens go once more, out into the dark farm yard and down the lane that leads to the woods. The two kittens are very very scared; they have not been out this late before!! Everywhere is very, very quiet and very, very dark!!! They walk very, very close to each other!! As they go deeper into the woods Billy whispers to Bobby "I donít think we are very far from Ossieís house now!!" Even their own whispers sound so loud! On and on they go deeper into the woods!! Oh dear me this was so frightening!!!


What on earth is that horrible noise?!!!! Billy and Bobby have such a fright they jump into each otherís arms; "Waaaaahhh!!!" screams Billy and whatís this "Waaaaahh!!!" screams Bobby. They look at each other in amazement!" Your voice has come back" laughs an astonished Billy. "I canít believe it!" says an even more excited Bobby.

The two brothersí dance a jig, they are so happy!! In the end they are too out of breath to dance anymore. They both lie on the ground panting; "Look up "Billy says to his brother. And who does Bobby see? Sat on a branch above them was Ossie the wise old owl.

"Thank you so much for helping me find my voice" says a very thankful Bobby." If I hadnít had such a fright my voice still wouldnít have come back." Ossie winks down at the kittens and watches them skip home to their beds in the nice warm barn with a very pleased smile on his face. No wonder heís called Ossie the wise old owl.

In a flash the two kittens are back in their beds and are snuggled up together fast asleep. Goodnight Billy and goodnight Bobby, xxx.