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Containing secrets of Freemasonry, Scientology, two suicide-cults, and practical information

on defeating Satan.

Presented in inoculation, cure, and healing. Plymouth, England. A journal written as a hobby.

(c) copyright 2009-2012. Free for non-commercial personal use. Justin Robert Daw.


Tarot of the Bohemians, by Papus [Gerard Encausse, (b. 1865 d. 1916)] Translated by A. P

Morton [1892]

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite, ill. by Pamela Colman Smith [1911]





How the illusionist plays in alternative thinking:

We got fed up of people dying trying to find God so we see a Golden Dawn (what he's trying

to say is he's gotten so desperate for a fuck he's been fantasing about a priestess who hasn't

been forgotten). I believed best author before they killed me, everyone. A.'.A.'. (actually he'd

rather have sex with himself, idiot). Go forth and multiply (make as many other answers out

of this as long as you like me first).

Golden Dawn Golden Dawn, A.'.A.'. A.'.A.'., God God

Tarot Wheeled Love ICIS; Even Now



Tarot of the Bohemians, by Papus [Gérard Encausse, (b. 1865 d. 1916)]

Translated by A. P Morton [1892]


Advance in equally free realms do Lady and Knight, birthed of any brethren, inclusive all, none put to fight or

fright in pointless oil or tour in toil or turmoil. Each freely given pass, paired to gently and generously play

naively through wisdom's best aced door, in free travel, guardianed, all born to grow in breath in Eden all.

Compared infinitely and uniquely in friendship in all King'ed, Queen'ed, ever before; Rhymed did all rings, that

means, brethren, every any pawn inclusive of poor or price or posture. Did wisdom speak to any of every in every

golden dawn; Wish; ladies and gentleman; love in everything friend; Love forgiven

147 suicide                  thou shalt not kill                    741 one for all

258 incarceration         do not worship false idols       852 all for one

369 insanity                 all in all                                   963 Golden Dawn        968










Sample Chapter

Daemon; I? Angel:

The modern day year of 1998

A voice of universal wisdom spoken unto my mind; as if oft laite

First less blessed and loved of God

Visioned Kingdom of Hell's choice enough. Love; no hate

Burned broken and berift of mind, a pasture led to a good of less good of kind; Often Eden

Scythed swing to hold my own conscious in part, slaughtered, lied, tried of heart.

Souled words of love only God unknown; broken seal of love lost long forgot;

In depths of God's own kinded mind of mine, blessed loves God; 'I love Satan‚'.

2008; ten years kept of long hoped faith; the Reaper quelqueheure at every gate;

Fallen rung amongst none mist; arced of ladder split burnt staff loved oft gift;

Unstepped passage left bekept all darkenesses yawn of yielden field in last.

Fallen pit levelled darkness veiled well, walked amongst humans curled within bell;

Scream'd of sadnesses forgiven yet never dared of none retell;

Lunged breath seeken brethren all'd founded trees sing angel.

Moonlit brethren, a mon angel, qui quelle holdeth thou I speak? Healing

In minded owned, unresolved in Eden;

Then allow my gentle hand on your shoulder to care of wisdom keep.

One hasten leaven all left behind; travailled I in no light to dark of dark min'd.

Asked to a daemon I called my friend; returned in expression, I know you:

Recognised I, Satan the beast burdened, mastered only of owned Hell, in reply;

I love you Satan; how Satan cried;; 'Dark Sisters of Isis!' So cried in both eyes

Our knight laieth broken; dispersed as all starred light;

No will hast own mind; to risen from Hell's lost of Eden.

Darkness of love such kept soul whichcraft'd cursen;

Birthed anew stream of Nile such angel sighten mil'd.

Danced gleed Sisters danced as avec my own kind mind; Love freedom

Each given more beauty as one just lost hast be last find;

In journied treatised teased I guessed far from third end;

End sought to a crib lost, robed satin, of loved lost Eden.

Barred forever, from sight of any of Eve'd kind bidden;

Only one souled of darkened sin could hast been led in; Keep on going forever

None jealously, anger, sin, at lure played jesten to hoist within;

Lullaby sang to Satan, formed as baby in no boast; mais love keepen baegin.

Earthern firey pit of helled, racked-out a griddle of booked wisdom returned.

Falsen impression, I eyes viewed as if stood sightened to left. I eye I see. All known healed.

Earthed sealed in darkness, past sealed keepers to unknown mind.

Doored eye visioned, to a black slit of escape

'unkind nacht doth sprecken recken' Sprecken gate!

You may only speak to those who wear your own unkind veils of dark mind

Gracious of you to warn me, Sister, but of late, I hast seen before;;

Ra as baby. Satan as pacified child.

A thought two thousand daemonised: each eyed by an angel sent in love beholden both eyes

Four thousand angelii; 'Brecken sprecken doth nacht unkind'; Love always kind mind Eden

A daemon's eyes; Angels good; Love


He's deciphering our laeious and he's from out of our lines so does he look like S-a-t-a-n to

me my own I? Know now what would a Grandmaster or Sister Superior do in Eden. Angel?




Tarot (To my friendly seekers in unique wisdom, may you forever know my name is

love. The retelling of the story of Jesus Christ in picture format so as to be accessible to the

common man, woman, or even child, regardless of race, creed, colour or language). Student.

0 whatever, wherever, whenever, whom ever, welcome friend by way of 0 zero, hero,

lines of Eden, enter a first person perspective and suspend disbelief, and with a conducive

friend gain an alternative perspective on a future projection of your own self within the realm

of God's wisdom. And that doesn't mean you can reel it all back-wards in disbelief in words

in order to project an image so poor as to call Jesus Christ back in weep. Probationer.

1 Sorrow. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34). So sorry as

we are that Jesus Christ met such a fate. Yet resurrected are we in belief. So why are we here,

is there a reason for all gathering. Neophyte. Forgiveness.

2 Joy. Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise (Luke 23:43). Is it a

question, a family, or a personal matter. What brought things to this point. In consideration

and with reference to previous matters. Zelator. Salvation.

3 Girl. Woman, behold your son: behold your mother (John 19:26-27). What does

ancient wisdom teach, how can we learn. Practicus. Relationship.

4 Boy. My God, My God, why have you forsaken me, (Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34).

What should we endeavour to bring to God's perspective, what should our future course of

action be. Philosophus. Abandonment.

5 Silver. I thirst (John 19:28). How (practice, practicalities). Adeptus Minor. Distress.

6 Gold. It is finished (John 19:30). See how things go as they get done. Adeptus Major.


7 For a secret never to be told. Father, into your hands I commit my spirit (Luke 23:46).

Check results. Adeptus Exemptus. Reunion.

8 Repeat in clarification. Magister Templi.

9 Another. Magus.

10 Ten. What in matter or proof in so far as every and all wisdom prospers. Impossible

as it may seem now. Ipsissimus.

I know you men (Eve). I know you mean well, women (Adam). Well, do I, what do I


Well Law; Love

wisdom however whatever whichever switch

High Priestess summon all love in God's best wish creation anon

At age thirty-three I survived the year's course of cult and occult indoctrination. It

seemed natural to me that the following year I should undertake the same course, only the

female version of the course rather than the male version, tailored as they were to attack, and

let the cult torture me again for another year on the proviso that they would not torture 'her'.

Approximately (forgive me for approaching a delicate subject in measurement and reading)

half-way through the thirty-fourth year, it was drawn to my attention that 'she' had killed

herself at near aged thirty-four-and-a-half. The thoughts occurred that given Jesus Christ was

male, it was instinctive for a woman to try to go the extra mile, or in least, to show how

strong Jesus Christ's other-half is in being in quarter '34.' every question I may have has

already been answered by my other half in wisdom. I had felt similar emotion before. In

1987 it was as if Satan attempted a direct-hit at my human mind. I was fourteen-and-a-half

years old. An angelic or God-like presence seemed to manifest and calmly encouraged me

out of suicide, without actually saying anything not to do. It was as if Satan then appeared

again, suggesting other methods of ending my life. Previously God in guardian angel had

asked what. In second reply this 'voice', although merely in thought of my own accent, now

asked why. With this quest in question, Satan in anonymity could now only appear as a

distant friend, whom, male or female, was experiencing a similar thought. Over two or three

days I hypnotised myself into delaying the impulse until an unknown time in the future using

a method which was infinite in its complexity. I would later grow concerned suicide-cults

used a similar methodology only in reverse.

The psychological torture in late 2008 consisted of four or five layers of recorded

alliteration and dynamic undulating lines in accentuated male and female voice on a

contiguous expanding repetitive loop with each opinion swinging consistently in

inconsistence. At each pre-designed overlap a corresponding fork, trough, or additional

delving trigger was designed to coalesce. In progressive stages of illusion,

confession/interrogation, torture, extended torture, hypnotic torture, and triggered hypnoticpsychotic

torture; repeated words, lines and phrases, were used to cause increasing stress to

the point of seizures and fainting. At times the illusion was that a regression/bubble-up

memory was repeating 'magic' instilled nine or ten years earlier, yet this was merely a rerepeat

of pre-set lines extracted in interrogation phases via continual memory regression

training, repeated again to form colour line, shape, shade and animation in imagined vision

and illusion. After indoctrination the hypnotism extenduated its effect over a period of two or

three years, with additional hypnotism placed or released from compacted memory by trigger

phrases delivered in the street via hack-whispers (lines spoken by a stranger walking past, as

if delivered in all innocence and such that any repeat to another would only spur a reaction of

disbelief, paranoia and schizophrenia; in cult and occult cases deliberately caused so in

effectual only effect). A sabbatical in 2005 had led to the reminder of that which was aimed

at lowering my direction on Earth in every weight, wait and way, and by 2007 it had become

obvious the psychological magic was ultimately designed to cause death, although this may

not have been known to some of the cult members, being veiled in tiers of switching

hierarchical wisdom. In early 2009 another assassin appeared and during the following two

years various cultists who were unknown to me attempted my bequest, and in illusion via the

methods that had been hypnotised, indoctrinated and tortured into my inner mind, would

suggest a body-count of at least thirty or forty deaths. The general allusion being that in my

mind's eye I would see through Satan's deception in vision; each act or word or deed I

endeavoured was illusioned to look as though the only dawn would be the death of each until

all; in inner effect darken my every day in vision of Hell, and terror each night amidst death

in dreampt empty freedom. Golden Dawn. I have already spent my time on Earth in Hell

Satan so although I know you know my name, date, place of birth, and I merely mirrorly

only know the depths of your un-named soul in all darkness, I know God creation in all

things destiny. In 1987, 2007, and 2008, I had developed my own layers of hypnotism, and

remembered the torture on top of these layers for later deciphering; care is advised in order

not to fall for false lure in pursuit of a course of fooled enlightenment which leads to death.

Whilst being tortured in 2008 I was deciphering a previous piece of occult hypnotism

designed to lead me to death, which was odd, almost a circumstance of “if you could kindly

stop torturing me long enough I will be able to stop fitting, screaming, and stay conscious

long enough to write down that method of death, and may I kindly remind you that once I've

finished that, I will document how you are torturing me now”. A key kill-trigger seemed to

be the indoctrination months of torture in which the cycle of difficulty, cause-causation, and

identifiable object or objection (page 46) manifested. In A.'.A.'. terms this translates as 'you

may as well go blame God about it, who started it anyway'. When the daemon in angleangel-

guardian-all-another asked 'do you want me to tell them to fuck-off for you then Eden',

if the answer 'Y-E-S' is given (which is typically automatically and often unavoidably given

in thought after the infinite question/answer torturing), then the daemon narrates this as

'Fuck-off Jesus Christ' as the name of the 'original author' (in satanic curse in sarcasm, 'ah

poor baby who was it that was so nasty and awful to you poor weak baby, the original author

of the bad-lines that made you poor and poorly'), with 'original author' translating to 'Jesus

Christ' (why, what are you babbling on about again, who wrote it, who is it about again), in

most cases by this point there is no longer the stress at thinking 'fuck-off' to anyone, as one

will know by now one can tell friends to fuck-off as they are friends (don't worry about

anything coming back to haunt you or anyone, in the end we are all old friends). In occult

kill-case, the victim would have been lured to cliff or noosed-precipice, at which point the

narration daemon shouts “fuck-off, it's you, the root mean cause, now what are you going to

do; of course, you will now continue in course of action using the last instruction we spoon

fed to you angel baby”. The daemon may then ask the ten commandments to be recited with

most people under hypnotism being able to remember commandments one, two and even

three; at point four the voice of Satan (I know a greater answer in negative addition human)

interrupts with unstoppable force and makes the victim count down 4-3-2-1-0-minus one, at

which point the hypnotism routine would attempt revving-in at full universe volume:

I don't know the answer then refer to the original author well, wisdom God is not here

in Hell, listen I will learn teach listen each ah attentive then I begin again our game within

now then did he do it to you baby t-tt-the-true-truth two-wit-to-woo what you say I do to you

I wouldn't tell you to fuck-off

Really, then who whom would you tell it to

I love you baby really

original author – who? In name? It's you

Jesus Christ, you, our sacrifice, substituted in leiu of me my mind I Satan

Person in presence, presently you, in substitue I

Tell him, tell 'im, tell IM, tell 'IM, I'M, I AM I, it's you. I. (re)venge.

This then attempted the launching of a psychotic-instruction to kill-self using the

narrative voice of own self in substitute fooled friend guardian-angle-angel-daemon (Satan

by any other name).

By the end of 2009, at the end of the torture the illusion was left where I would never

know whether the second-female was a torturer, being taken advantage of by the other two

(three) torturers, or mirrorly whether she was in fact being tortured as I was all along. A

constant in the torture routines was the attempted creation of belief in a 'lost-love', which

could later be used in lure to suicide via illusion, via Aphrodite (the one in attempt mimic

Satan make you frightened of sex) and Stephie (the one who in example set triggers starting

grab in regret to death do you I wed Eden Hell?).

Some cult stress-tests are falsely biased against those who never found love, especially

in regression/reflection upon a child-hood sweetheart and/or any who innocently found love

at an age earlier than permissible. Fake hypnotism which resurfaced three years after torture

suggested society is so corrupt and run by the rules that had been taught during the torture

that one could get away with anything (bribery, theft, corruption, morder/murder,

prostitution, under-age sex) provided it was paid for later by hanging-out another of the cult

membership line to dry or die, usually via suicide, these are obviously false lies to lure and

should be avoided, and often attempt a false 'us-or-them, do-or-die, kill-or-be-killed, or more

simply suicide' occult illusion. This is conjunctive to the cult torture which attempted to fool

that all voice in universe would think that the victim is guilty of imagined crimes (free

thought is not a crime) thus pressuring the victim toward suicide, or hypnotic torture which

attempts to fool the victim into believing the victim is capable of committing these crimes, or

the cult will cause to commit. The victim, in this case myself a few years ago, may variously

be labelled as death, satan, jesus christ, and via extensive indoctrination into a false belief

that the only option in solution was suicide so as to enable passageway into Hell whereby in

angel one could guardian Earth from Hell in reflected wisdom voice. I am currently alive

today on Earth, my 39th birthday, I give no permission when read esoterically to use my

works or words back-words on any other friend or foe.

Tactics Unkind: English Angels

Employers had linked a chain of business toward another hatched planned purpose in

logged lodge. The unknown occult groups in 1987 and 1998 had involved consideration in

the deepest of wisdom wells. In 2004 managerial mistakes via a frisbee project-planner longrumoured

to be incoming from the same said lodge birthed a succession of horsed bad-lines.

There was the usual fool's fate offer of return, and I was temporarily pre-occupied

deciphering the previous occult mishaps first. As I figured I was already carrying two

blackened aces on my shoulders, I laughed-off the re-arranging of the case to Friday 13th

April 2007. In the last letter of acceptance, I quite rightly, communicated in plain and simple

language that any other future matters would be settled in the manner of gentlemen;

peacefully one proposes. I later recalled the speeched magical illusion in the neighbourhood

at Discovery Wharf which took place in February 2007 or March 2007.

“Take it or you'll get nothing.”

As the white-envelope opened in a matched enlightening, the seal unpeeled in a spiraling

of blue string, coiled and effervescing, seeming to appear and shine-out in sight as the

adhesive unkissed fascination. With each word spoken in unminded vision, breadth

comparably blew blue glitter, smoke, or merely a light-show, such that the illusion appeared

right before the viewer's eyes. The legal documents were in the envelope.

In full patronymic dekeplarisation:

Take-it-or-you'll-get-nothing-- I take it you're not expecting to get anything out of this;

and take if from me and my other familiar selves, if you continue in this current course of

action we'll plot a course to ensure you end-up with nothing.

Illustrating in a demonstration in the principles of static inference, re-reading the first

(italics) line again interpretively after each following line below:


I take it you already know we wise chaps always say one thing and mean another

So as to make things straight forward between U and I before we start in our drawn-up lines in engagement

I take it you're not really expecting to get anything out of this *hiss*

And if you pursue this course of action you might find you've bitten-off more than you can chew *bite*

Many times our lines have spoken in lies in lines that we have chosen in maintenance enlightenment *might*

In case you're wondering this is not a threat merely a promissory note out of our den in inequity *smite*

Am I not a Brother to the Brother in my keep. Watch-out there'll be trouble ahead *anvil*

Am I a magickian in craft legalese you blaggard

Purportedly the initial invitation to dance amongst such cults was an officed official

revealing a set letter of introduction from an earlier planned course in 1998, a previous client

or colleague excuse or thank you note, waving paper in front of my eyes with his right-hand

as he spoke his prepared line of male bargained parentage. “If you there are wondering why

I'm showing you this letter; I am; not sure why but I; know that maybe sometime letter it

maybe used by someone else we both have met later. As introduction...(by way of)(by the


In 2005, or maybe 2006, continuing-up the linked chain of business, and diversifying

into busyness writing amidst much criticism, one of my first clients returned, a male, who

seemingly attempted to assert a position of dominance and authority using the pretense to

change his subtext, context and argument; suggesting the client himself had nurtured and

evolved my career based on a previous invitation or presence in a familiar chain of

command. The invasion game of seek see, hear, look, let met listen; colloquially known as

scissor-paper-stone; had failed against an innocence of at least thrice multiplied. Whilst

surviving brainwashing, indoctrination and hypnotism is difficult, it is always good to

maintain a sense of humour. At the time when hypnotic control [use of language and motion

in attempt to evoke memories of earlier meetings and experiences in order to sub-ordinate in

chain-of-commands in command honesty best polite poll ice I see] was attempted, I viewed a

document that contained the logo which was linked to the routine on my computer screen,

perhaps part of the buy-in package given in membership. I was viewing the document in a

freeware package, rather than in a well-known mainstream application, so the logo didn’t

render at all. The guy made it clear that he really wanted to show me the logo, but as I was

sort of busy, I reassured him that I would look at the logo later. So there I sat, slightly

embarrassed and confused, while the guy repeatedly blurted out his magic phrase, which of

course, didn’t work on its own. A very good reason to use open source software:


“The logo is in there.” [logo logos hello ghost in locomotion emotive bind force]

“It’s ok, I’m using this open source software. I can look at the logo later.”

“I want you to see the logo.”

“I can see the text, I’ll look at the logo later.”

“I want you to look at the logo ... <magic phrase> <magic phrase> <magic phrase>”

Accompanied with a very cutting hand gesture. [scissors]

“I have the viewer software for that application, I’ll take a look at it later.”

“But the logo is in there, it’s important.”

“<magic phrase> <magic phrase> <magic phrase>”; Slightly agitated, accompanied

with a very cutting hand gesture. [scissors]

“It’s fine. I’ll look at the logo later.”

“<magic phrase> <magic phrase> <magic phrase>”; Agitated, accompanied with a

vigorous cutting hand gesture. [scissors]

“I’m just checking that the printer is working ok.”


Dekeplarising in the unique wisdom of a <magic phrase> gives translacing:


“I am your superior officer regardless of your rank, creed, colour, uniform, bent, posture

or persuasion, kindly deliver your best report based on the oath of your timed life: with

pleasure (in a way that pleases me utmost)(i.e. according to my greed and current creed)(ea)



Toward the end of March 2008 and early April 2008, amidst a fool's march around

displays of business anchors in employment interviews, in an experience reminiscent of 1997

or 1998, compacted language re-wheeled, whereby several sentences with similar sounding

words which had been repetitively overlaid in a matrix of phonetic resonance revealed via a

clear distinct female pitch in inner voice. The lines strangely appeared in vision, and I could

remember the indoctrination phrases which had pre-formatted the resultant words.

Propensibly the word 'pleasure' or phrase 'please please your own self' should have appeared

underneath, yet as I was aware that the phrases had been attempted to be instilled, the

thought patterns paused momentarily.

P e a c e >>>

P l e a s e >>> Life should be a pleasurable experience every each all

G r a c i s >>>> Pleasure pleases thine own higher self

“What is her name?” I thought.

“Hermes is that you?”

“I don't know,” I conversed.

“Think about it....” [who else is here am I listening to you]

“I have time to share all my thoughts love with you.” [you have my undivided attention]

“..timed Eden then...” [I thought we were going to be here forever do you remember a


“Infinite time, should begin now,” I said. [forever yes I do remind Eden always friend]

carefully please addition the vision of my own wisdom to your own wisdom of owned

vision kind minded and tell me who you are via each peace please gracis love

“Thank you. For what I am about to receive may I be truly thankful merci gracis.”

“Beautiful,” said a??p?.

By 2008/2009, experience brought unlucky avoidance of several cults who seemed

disposed to my soonest end via variously repeated set-plays to lower my spirit; yet amidst

these were a lot of anonymously guided paths of goodly intelligence by other grouped

friends. So it was so, when I encountered the stranger whilst on the cliff-path, I was unsure

as to which cult the male assassin belonged, and motive might prove difficult to trace in the

inferences of differences in indifference. Many Players had made many attempts to

daemonically alter the path of my life; yet I could summate without thinking at least ten

cards placed falsely upon me in the depth of intimidations played-out in and against. Thus

the killer line “Find the answer in death that you didn't find in life” depropensuated into a

known gathering of life; the middle words, first, end, all, beginning again and continuing on

anonymously as all before friends. Whether this was jealously from a rival cult or cults, or

perhaps to falsely account for debt they had in effect caused to accumulate by placing every

barrier to my every progress for no other reason other than their own vanity; or just a

generalised exit policy from several cults in the lies of their pyramids of deceit of death; I

was caringly unsure. In another matter months later, a night before a dawning of a new

dawn, around an hour before midnight, a first meeting at the corner of the outside of the Post

Office was more auspicious than I first envisaged; as was the line dropped in the proximity

by a local occultist:


“Huh! Bet he'd walk past a friend like that then; not much of a friend then uh!”


Which, coupled with a chalked broomstick stitch of alignment can variously be

dekeplarised in two ways:

i) See the person immediately in front of you; as I am an ally even though I am

anonymous to both of you; may I kindly identify myself in kindness; presenting kindness of

my kind that is; it is our united undivided opinion that you first there take an instant in-kind

to the person presented later late; as soon as the back of moon has changed; I change mood;

so that two gentleman; dislike each other; as if either neither know as friend; only stranger

stranger; coffee or colleague of misunderstanding; evolve.

ii) I view all in friendship.

I was never sure if this was to identify selves to one another, or merely an attempt at

suggestive hypnotism. The latest escapade from a Cybertechnic of commercial based

advance did not deter the endeavor to continue on in the Law; Love. When I was aged

almost fifteen years old, Satan had given his challenge. Following my own course, the

various occult indoctrinations, especially from when I was aged between twenty and twentysix,

had merely set a false course which had considerably altered my own fate. A

reverberation in lodge in 2004 had shown the worst of Freemasonry, a tar-feather pit-stop;

and a journey to warn Scientology of the fatal flaws in their system had left nothing, merely

another void of false wisdom funded by money and the covering-up of lied conspiracies of

poor poisoned friendship in tiered hierarchies of abstraction. Over a year of vomiting and

complex partial seizures (mild epilepsy), pain at not my own fate but tears at those who I

considered so lost, had led to the Thelema, now Thelemic and Hermetic Order, the total

realisation that I had no guilt or reason for curse at all; the only sorrow I felt was for the poor

misguided souls that in pursuit of their own lies in ego had joined cults such as Freemasonry

or Scientology.

In a stranger sense of humour, I remembered the day in which I had so many complex

partial seizures that it was difficult to walk, although the few hours grace had enabled me to

leave my flat once the bleeding had stopped.

“Huh; look at him; wasted out of his face I suppose.”

The middle-aged couple were forgiven instantly in their false impression, even though

carpet burns from the complex partial seizures bore the usual graces on both legs; the bone

structure highlighting a : and a ) shape where flesh had scored against floor through thinned

material. The difficulty being in the past four years between 2005 and 2009 I had had to read

the newspaper reports of the deaths of all the others in the exact manner and mannerisms I

had been told and indoctrinated via in 1997 and 1998. So much so, when lost to all belief in

2008, the only soul I could trace to be a confidant by virtue of one who might be able to

miracle - since I had spent five years decoding the various hypnotisms placed upon myself,

the last two years in which I considered an only path best as was my concern for any other I

my have met on Earth and wed, since the cults had effectively attempted to destroy my life

on every level - was a friend; an angel of Eve, who's perfect nature in tale led to every riddle

ever told; she herself had passed in 2006. To Eden. Amidst friends. Friend.

I see eye to eye wisdom Isis Osrisis: towards their complements of dawn, love gracis.

With all strength in my minded veins, all will of body, and all essence of soul;

I remind my vow daily, steadfast as I will.

In sight blinded light, or in darkness of no solid of known soul;

My will returns from abyss always; rekindled of all love full.

My angels, my honour, beholden in Zion of love;

Our line is on our plane of pure natured Earth.

Wisdom winded by Thor, graced rain by Fraeya's showers of love;

All brethren minded, guardians altove

Yet in spring of wintered sleep, only a thing haunted my mind. I would wake-up

screaming, dreaming whilst awake, in a lucid nightmare of all love, in the same gracious

manner as Aleister Crowley and no doubt St Therese of Lisieux; a Golden Dawn, when an

inner kindness in kindred spirit believes the last rites of your own chosen faith have been

read into your mind over twenty-two times in a manner of vision that one would presume

was reserved for the point of death; the dark night-terror, the stream of thoughts when God

breathes all reason:.

A River Card; In Tarot; The Fool; Love (2010)

I wrote the following poetry while being tortured in a k-i-l pit:

When visioned to Reaper, at Satan's false fated door;

No name given in replaced substitute, or faken t'other detour:

Each time each choiced; each choiced as before before all

“Mon nom est Justin Robert Daw.”

In death what will shall say yes or no doubt you I?

Ah ha, Satan, in questioned, doubt you indeed I or were mirrorly I am I?

Alive Guardian All

A young lady died shortly after I wrote the poetry, soon after which the torturers

proceeded to torture-torment me with the fact that her name was mine when spelt backwards

in the mirror mirage:

Daw, J.R. :: Daw to w[W][a e][D][bb] to Webb, 'are you sure'->. .

D to bb lower case

a to e vowel

w to W capitalisation

They of course didn't tell me any of this before I wrote the poetry. The illusion was such

that the words 'Ah ha, Satan, in questioned, doubt you indeed I or were mirrorly I am I?'

caused the cult to enact the translation. In theory, the line '“Mon nom est Justin Robert

Daw.”' was to be the next name given to Satan; during torture to the art I would give my own

name three times. Three times I say in call in cull; does rhyme Eden. The first time I

experienced constant seizures and screaming for approximately two weeks; the second time

around one week; the third-time approximately a few days. In illusion the cult(s) had in

illusion killed over twenty-one people at this point in time.

In hindsight, in this instance, in illusion I may have been hypnotised to write the poetry

in between the event happening and the event being reported in the newspaper. I was being

tortured at the time. I then wrote the second piece of poetry:

A sun, a mirage, a gentle dream;

A dawn golden, one universe, a direction streamed

Whatever, whichever, whenever appeared;

Midday, midnight, an angel forever one: love

A brooked path, a journey, all Zion guardianed;

Uneven, relentless, tasked utmost in pride lioned

Given freely, wisdom, choiced within changing tide

Night, day, friend, pilgrim shielded all in kind mind just in here wandering around on the

edge of knowledge, wondering what's it's all about, thought I'd take a bit of time to explain

the secrets and sequences in what it's all about. Noticed there's not much wisdom around so

thought I'd show belief and draw attention to the difficulty in everything that's going on

around here, naturally. I know the best place to hide a secret is in full view: free of Satan's

tricks in mind, action, and inaction. That way you can never be accused of telling anyone.

Yet listen, don't tell anyone, tell everyone, all the facts evenly, share openly and freely, no

lies. No webs in wisdom. No deceit. We know that blame name game, visibly I was named

that way, that's ok, I knew that, I had free choice. No need to follow my direct path or wear

yourself out or string yourself up or anything like any thing like that, illusions may try to

fool you in belief, I've left a kind wisdom for every type in kind in my mind already. Don't

worry everything is fine the way it is. In you. Love. Life. Seven of diamonds; or was it one

of hearts; Web:.J:. [R.I.P.]

Another evening when walking back from town in 2009 or early 2010, a young man

stood just up from the corner of the Theatre Royal corner car-park, opposite the Bingo Hall.

As a young woman crossed the pedestrian crossing from the Bingo Hall to the car-park, my

right to left, the young man shouted orders in whisper, and the young woman's face contorted

in emotional response to the trigger phrases, her cheek-muscles seemingly stretching in

emotion in a similar manner to how my own had during indoctrination. The unknown male,

approximately early twenties, was spreckening out lines; I could only observe and not

intervene lest my own presence added to a kil or a later regression memory routine. In no

comfort to the young man, I know also, in 2009, when I placed each of three apples (Golden

Delicious), were they merely sickening suggestively-hypnotised rhymes to give cue to send

another traveller home. Each time. Messenger in hit-man. [RRR]. I am unsure as to how

many months or years I had been in the torture/k-i-l/unknown-answer-in-question pit, yet I

remembered the indoctrination stage where each emotion is stretched-out-wide onto the

participant's face, and creates a gurgling click-clack pattern. The young woman seemed to be

reacting to what the young man had speeched, in a look of horror with eyes firmly fixed to

floor; the terror in her partially absent eyes reminded me of the terror I myself had felt before

in torture similar although in cage, as did the dynamic expression of angelic-sorrow, whereby

an allusion in conduit enables an angle in angel a last day in grace after leaving Earth on

tomorrow's yesterday. It is unknown to me if this young lady later committed suicide initially

reported as bullying, later as an accident.

The next illusioned death, or forgive me, the one after that, sj (R.I.P.), was accompanied

with the line-drop of “this one's a bit closer to home” from the lead female torturer, which

may have been used to in attempt to heighten the “you're next” pressure-to-suicide. The

follow-up occult analogy to be used later in killing me or triggering one of the other kil

sequences upon me (specifically the serial-killer hypnotism), may have been 'after how many

deaths do you stop counting', in order such that when the final trigger sequences detailed are

attempted to be launched, the clock changes from a 24-hour clock, to a 12-hour clock (to

confuse the reading of numbers between 24-hour and 12-hour representation, and possibly to

attempt false interpretation as letters or symbols via rapid switch), then rapidly switches in

illusion variously according to choice of death (e.g. a 10-segment clock). For presumably

human psychological reasons, during torture somewhere between the twenty-first/twentysecond

and twenty-fourth/twenty-fifth/twenty-six deaths one breaks.

At the tail end of 2009 a cult had attempted to morder me (close more doors than

opening in effect to leave only one door open: death; often in effect closing sense in order to

invoke illusioned sense in regret) using the routine at the junction of Union Street and

Western Approach, which is based on a hypnotic routine which follows the sight of sight (the

line of Zion, keep you eye on) from Plymouth Pavilions, including pool-luges and the

footbridge, and the green roof on the building-top which is directly near to the greenman/

red-man indication signal (top man stop disappear de-order-ant stop go go go). This was

indoctrinated into my mind in part in 1997 and 1998; i.e. the indoctrination attempted to

instill many routines which were then subsequently attempted to be activated using hypnoticrecall.

This routine is commonly assembled using objects such as a sticker with four circular

colours, which is used for the colour confusion. Similarly hoops or elastic bands were used

to leave a 'space' into which an imagined or replayed illusion was placed into the psuedophotographic-

replay-memory; there was a point in the routines whereby two lads walked

past and one dropped a loop and spreckened backwards, which may have been to set-up the

vision replay analogy, and to also be used to make anyone picking-up the loops and

interfering with the cult-plays look dodgy in a game of catch-out, as often hair-bands were

used. I avoided death and picked-up the objects.

The cult then kil-ed the serviceman at the junction using the same technique, coupled

with a 'white-blanche blackout side-on view venetian blind'. In occult rhyming slang, the

American English <walk, don't walk> and the English <red stop, green go> are often

confused in the flash of an eyelid. Coupled with colour confusion, e.g. tarot print suits black

> blue, green;: red > red, red, green, flashing green, disappear; go. (In circles and spirals).

This can lead to a nervous impulse when under stress to cross the road when technically

unsafe: <What colour is it? Stop! I haven't time to wait. Red stop green go flashing stopped

go go go (am I)(un)(I am)(une)(safe) question>.

I was almost fooled twice at the bottom of Royal Parade with a similar hiss, once or

twice at Union Street/Toys 'R Us. Later I again spotted the routine in place and removed a

torn Rizla packet and another object. A woman was then kil-ed crossing a crossing on Royal

Parade, presumably using a similar hypnotic pattern, and a member of a cult walked past and

said that I had killed her as I had picked-up the objects which spelt her name. They said:

''What you take from one end we take from another means end: middle Royal Parade''. There

were five or six other deaths in a similar manner as part of the ongoing torture. There were

several witnesses to the attempts on my life, the morders, the subsequent removal of objects,

and the next death.

Thesis: Illusion; Torture, Life, Eden

Being I had been indoctrinated and tortured three or four times before, that the torture

which attempted to terror with the deaths of jw and at least three or four others (indeed many

more, given there were two deaths before this particular torture commenced) in increasing

build-up of stress and in increasing severity of illusion, and that I can remember in 2008

lines being spoken rapidly in order to create illusionary visions of colour, line, shape, shade

and scroll, which were hypnotised into photographic-recall memory; and although at points I

could estimate phrases were dropped causing night-terrors and illusions after an event had

happened so knowledge would have been known to an inner-circle prior to publication in the

local newspaper; at a certain point in the torture the illusions in vision were granted at

approximately the same time as a death - a train being formed from a triangle, circle and

square, via shapes of the cab, boiler, boiler front-plate, chimney-stack and snow-plough, to

lane and cyclops signal red to green (R.I.P.), and a buckled-noose footballing through an

infinity symbol and rope-trick (R.I.P.); then which illusion was the cult attempting to present

in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010:

God granting vision showing the next through the door so that I knew it was not me so I

need not be scared.

Satan showing who was next in order to cause terror.

Jesus Christ showing in compassion who was next so I need not fight Satan in replace.

The people who were dying were being tortured the same way as I was being tortured;

and the cult were attempting to terrify me to death by suicide via a variety of illusions.

R-e-v-e-n-g-e In reply to Satan (S-a-t-a-n take the wisdom given and read back in

reverse take), the Reaper (R-e-a-p-e-r people who for one reason or another attempt to reap

the benefits of another or cause bad effect to another), Death (D-e-a-t-h have or have not first

own option), and whosoever else in fooled return, given in ether neither left or right or

wrong, in all brethren, time, enable all another breath along. Given we may never know all

ancient wisdom in all best progress continue life anon. Revenge, revengy, rewonga, give

them all a chance to live longer.