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We begin this story by introducing you to the protagonist which is Princess Ava of Anthor. The story begins when Anthor has seen relative peace for a long time however all good things must come to an end; thus rings true as peace will surely be replaced by a feuding war. At the beginning of the story she is a feisty young warrior princess whom always sees herself as equal to her brothers and a complete opposite to her older sister Freda. Life soon begins to change after Freda is given away in an arranged marriage to a prince Auron from another kingdom.  After Ava’s first introduction to prince Auron it soon becomes apparent that he is not the prince charming everyone suspects. Indeed Ava feels the full force of this wolf in sheep’s clothing; as he announces his true feelings for her which inevitably tears Ava apart. She desperately wants to warn her father of his true nature, but is unable to do so due to the prosperity that promises to unite both kingdoms.

As the wedding day looms Ava confides in her dragon Scarlet who is now her only ally that is aware of Auron’s dark side. After the ceremony Auron again reminds Ava of his true feelings and threatens her with evil if she does not oblige to his advances.  Ava doesn’t doubt his threat for a minute but refuses to head the warning when she is introduced to Rowan the son of Master Arden.  Ava falls hard and fast for Rowan and soon before she knows accepts his marriage proposal in a whirlwind romance. They have a secret wedding as they know many would not accept such a match for her, but love conquers all and that includes fear of prosecution.  Scarlet, Tristan and Arden are the only guests and do stand as witnesses.

After the wedding Ava receives two letters, one from Freda warning her of Auron’s plan and the fear she holds for the future now that he is king. The other is a public letter received from her father apologising for the usage of Elves as slaves from the realm of Protheus, he promises to rectify this immediately and feels badly for his deception.  Suspiciously, after this letter is distributed and read Ava immediately receives terrible news announcing that her father has suddenly become gravely ill. Finally reaching his bed side Ava and her family realises he is near to death.  As he struggles with his last breath he asks Tristan to become king of Anthor and then shockingly for the family he slips away.  When King Euros is laid to rest and Tristan is given the responsibilities of being king of Anthor - Exador strikes!

Immediately Anthor’s portal is destroyed by Exador; therefore no one can come in or out of the Kingdom. Tristan in turn informs his people that another portal lies within Anthor, however this is a treacherous path through the enchanted forest and is a terrifying portal to approach with many dangers and dark entities trapped inside.

Tristan decides to stay and train the men ready for war especially since it was confirmed that their brother Elijah has betrayed them and has allied with Auron due to jealousy of his brother being king. Ava decides she wants to go and retrieve the portal although she has some help in the form of her mighty dragon Scarlet and her husband Rowan. The journey is perilous at times although Ava has hidden abilities that help them on their way.

They face the blood banshee whom tries to suck them dry, and they battle the mighty horned fenrir (enormous horned wolf-like creature).  They finally find the portal, however there is one final hurdle to conquer; the le fey witches also known as the black witches. These two are a deadly duo who can shape shift at will and have unlimited amount of dark magic. This battle is the hardest of all and Ava will find an inner strength hidden within her to defeat the le fey witches after she believes they have killed Rowan, however, Ava and Scarlet heal him from near death after Ava’s full potential is finally released.  Afterwards they return with the portal and replace it. Tristan has mustered up a huge legion made up from the kingdoms knight and strongest men. Elves from Portheus have also stepped in to support Tristan’s cause; they want revenge on Auron and want to free their fellow Elves. Anthor also have the dragons and unicorns by their side, not to mention Ava’s new found abilities.

Finally lead by Tristan and Ava Anthor’s powerful legion marches through the portal and as they come through they come face to face with Auron and Elijah’s own legion. A bloody battle is fought on Exador’s ground although Auron has a score of his own to settle with Ava. As both legions battle it out so does Ava and Auron. In a final blow Auron loses his head as Ava shows him what she’s made of. Exador’s legion submits or whatever is left of it still standing. Ava instantly storms the tower in order to free Freda. When she opens the door she sees Freda and can clearly see she is with child.

After the dust settles upon both kingdoms Ava helps Freda as she gives birth to a son. Freda is placed Queen consort of Exador until her son is old enough to take over. Elijah has escaped along with three of the elders whom have had a larger role in all of this chaos than anybody realizes. For now Anthor and Exador are once again allies along with a new ally in the form of Portheus.






Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Defend and Attack

What can be more tranquil than lying in the meadow on a warm summer’s day, with the smell of blooming flowers giving the air a magical scent and the colours are so vivid, it almost looks like a rainbow fell from the sky.  The sounds are so calming, the slight whimper from the breeze along with the singing birds complimented by the gentle trickle from a flowing stream.  This to me is nature at its best.

 “Ava.”  My dear brother Tristan thrashes through natures hymn.

“Over here.”  I give a gentle lady like wave from my bed of flowers.

“What are you doing there; do you know what hour it is?”

“Oh I certainly do brother it is the hour of peaceful meditation, now please step away as your blocking out the sun.”

Tristan does not step away; the sun is still blocked therefore I look up to the determined face of my brother which tells me without words that he is not the least bit impressed by my lack of enthusiasm.

“But Tristan the weather is too wonderful to practice today, please can I just not go only for today?”  I pout like a child as I can clearly see my winging and pretence is getting nowhere fast.

“Ava you’re not getting out of combat training today, it’s too important especially with all the dangers that surround us.  It’s of high importance that we can defend our self’s and indeed our kingdom and realm of Anthor.”  My brother preaches.

He offers his hand and I accept in defeat that I will have to attend training...unfortunately.

“Come I’ve even brought a horse so you won’t have to walk.”  He points towards the large tree in the distance where two horses are grazing under.

“Alright you win this battle, let’s go before the dark knights or the black witches come charging through our land.”

“Exactly sister and there are many more dangers in the enchanted forest so let’s not waste any time, remember it’s our responsibility to protect our people as the ruling family.”

We walk towards the horses and climb on and before Tristan can say anything I’m off with the wind.  I might be female but I’m not easy to outride and Tristan knows only too well as he tries to slow me down.

I’m riding behind Tristan as we ride through the blooming fields and across the gentle stream, as we get over the mound it comes in to sight my home the white palace.

“Smile sister were almost there.” Now who’s being sarcastic I wander.

I give a gloomy glance towards him as we get closer to the palace.

“Great at least I’ll get to beat up my sibling, that’s one positive thought.”  I mock him.  Although to be quite honest I’m not lying as I’m a very capable fighter and after all to defeat an opponent one needs more than brute strength alone.

We reach the large wooden gates at the exterior entrance of the white palace.  Instantly the gates are opened and the guards bow as we ride pass them.  There waiting for us in the court yard is our brother Elijah.  I get off my horse as does Tristan, one of the stable boys comes to take the horses back to the royal stables.

“Finally you made it, I almost sent out a rescue party.”  Elijah jokes.

“It was Ava; she was day dreaming in the meadow again.”  Tristan replies trying to justify his lateness.

“Ava, you will not find prince charming in the meadow or in your dreams, there is only one choice and that is to physically go out and search.”  Elijah mocks me.

“You both may ridicule me all you want but I don’t see our dear sister Freda anywhere insight!  What excuse did she manage to cook up this time? An apple tart or was it her famous plum pudding?”  I’m pleased with my witty reply but the grave look on their faces overwhelms me.

“What? Is she well? Why the grave looks on your faces…what has happened?”  I demand a reply.

Tristan is the first to answer.  “I should have told you earlier but I was hoping to let mother or father tell you.”

“Tell me what Tristan?”  I question him.

This time it is Elijah who replies.  “Freda is to be married to the Prince Auron of Exador.”

“No, tell me this is not true they promised us that we could marry for love alone, as long as we chose someone with the correct status. Elijah, they gave us our word as our loving parents, now they give away their eldest daughter to a stranger, a prince from another Kingdom, they will send her to a completely different realm! Why?”  I state with the full force of my voice which is sharpened with anger.

“We do not know, all will be explained tonight as we are requested to attend the council along with mother and father tonight.”  Tristan responds sympathetically.

Before I can get another word in Elijah scorns me.  “Not another word, we can all argue our opinions later. Right now Arden is waiting for us at the combat arena and he does not appreciate us being late for training.”

To be fair I cannot argue with that after all he is not called Master Arden the Great for nothing.  His teachings are gruelling both physically and mentally. Although without him we wouldn’t be half the warriors we are this day.  Well except for Freda she just inst that way inclined and she would be the first to admit that.

The three of us head towards the arena and walk straight through as the doors are instantly opened.  As we enter the arena I get a cold shiver that goes straight through me.  Many men have died in this place as we all the tournaments takes place in the arena ,they could be anything from archery to jousting and of course the famous Melee battle which can get really bloody at times.  Before my father became king my grandfather held famous death matches here, many had a gruesome ending.

Adrenaline is already pumping up my body.  The arena has a distinct feel to it and as I stand here I no longer feel like the princess of Anthor but as the warrior and protector of my kingdom.

Arden greets us and gives us our swords and shields.

Arden begins.  “Students I want you to place the swords and shields at your feet, now let’s do as we always do at the beginning of the lesson and meditate remember try and draw nature’s powers in to develop your higher self.”

We instantly sit on the floor with legs crossed and begin to meditate.  Arden has taught us that the most important part of being a true warrior is to meditate.  Through meditation we can harness nature its self and other powers like the ability to heal with our bare hands and pure energy, also unlimited strength can be unlocked within a higher state of mind.  Arden tells us they are rare gifts and should be used wisely.

Time does not exist while in the state of meditation, we only know when it’s time to stop when Arden strikes the large symbol.  I take deep breaths in and slowly release until I am in the state of pure meditation.

Finally I can feel the power of the elements as it fills my body from my head to my feet.  By now I’m utterly unaware of anything around me this is the deepest state of meditation and I am surrounded by heavenly lights too beautiful to even begin to describe.  With no sense of time or meaningless thoughts my mind is allowed to run completely free.

Boonngg!  I hear the symbol, now the time for physical training begins.  When I open my eyes I see that we’re faced by three armed knights.  Now I’m instantly in defend mode as I pick up my sword ready to defend myself.  The total switch from peaceful freedom to physical contact makes us the best warriors in the whole of Anthor as we are on the brink of reaching the goal of being our higher self’s due to Arden’s teachings.

“Students as you can see in front of you are your opponents for today.  The difference is that today defeating them using a mere weapon will not be a choice that you shall have. Today I want you to use the power of the elements to defeat your opponents, Ava your Element will be water, Tristan will use Earth and Elijah you may harness the wind.”

“What about the Element of fire?”  Elijah voices his desire for the most desirable element.

“No not today, there is no need for it this it only training and death is not on the cards for anyone.”  Arden states.

Elijah nods and does as he’s told.  I must say the amount of joy I feel when he gets put in his place is immense.

“When you’re ready you may begging.”  Raven gestures the knights as they immediately come for us with sharpened blades.

I fight blade with blade while trying not to put my opponent down.  My mind is concentrating too much for me to focus on the element as I try desperately to pull the moisture from the air in towards me.  I can sense the moisture droplets in the air and I can feel the flow of the stream nearby.  Then I see my opponent stop dead in his tracks, I focus on him all the time getting angrier and angrier thinking of my poor sister Freda being forced in to an arranged marriage.  Before I can stop myself my opponent is on the floor with water splurging out of his mouth.  He’s slowly drowning and I can’t stop myself as tears trickle down my face.

“Ava stop what are you doing!”  Tristan comes towards me shaking me.

My concentration stops and I immediately rush towards my opponent, I can’t feel a pulse.

“He’s dead Ava what have you done!” Elijah yells in disbelief.

“No! No he’s not I can’t kill him, o mercy I didn’t try please come back I’m so sorry, wait! I feel a pulse he’s coming back.” I’m in floods of tears as I desperately try to heal him.

Raven only looks on trying to reassure my brothers.  Then In all the misery I feel his weak pulse begins to get stronger and faster, I’m actually healing him.  I concentrate with all I have left.  Then a miracle happens the knight opens his eyes.

“You have greatness in you Ava, only the most advanced of healers could have saved that knight, you’re an excellent student.” Arden’s words echoes in my ear. 

I feel too overwhelmed to do or say anything, to be honest I could probably kiss this knight right now although I won’t after all I’m a princess first.  I get up and hold my hand out to the knight.

“I’m terribly sorry forgive me.” I asked the knight.

“Already forgotten Princess Ava, no harm has come o me as I’m here standing breathing right now.” He nods and walks away thankfully alive and unharmed.

“He’s one Lucky man.”  Elijah jokes at an inappropriate time as I scorn him with my looks.

“Before you leave Ava, there is a gift waiting for you, your brothers will take you to it, it’s been kept from you until you were ready to receive it and after today I believe you are without a doubt ready.” Arden announces.

Before I can speak or gather myself up my brothers are taking me away.

“Not a word or you will spoil the surprise, so just try and hold your tongue remember it’s for your own good, if that’s any easier for you.”  Since its Tristan who asks, then I shall, for he is my oldest and wisest brother as for Elijah well black sheep comes to mind.