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Developments of the novel dated from the time of French revolution (1778-1793), scene of action France. The main character Antuan de Langue (Langue means tongue) comes from a family of impoverished French aristocrat Marquis George de Langue and his mother is nee Medici. At birth the doctors had noticed a strange feature of newborn child. He was briserius, in other words his organism could completely break up food, that is why it seemed he could use the air for meal.

Antuan de Langue spent his childhood among famous vineyard of Bordeaux province where his father had been appointed by Ludovik XVI as the main commissary. Marquis de Langue is described as very cruel and brutal man. His helper Lukas nicknamed Butcher was sentenced to death but forgiven by Marquis who had abolished capital punishment. They established a terrible regime in the province and from the very beginning young Antuan de Langue took part in hunting and also tortures. The boy was as cruel as his father and he liked to see somebody hurt. We can find in this book all emotional experiences descriptions of the child feeling at the moment of killing.

Soon the enemies of Antuan s family appeared. They were the smuggler One-eyed Jack and ex-tutor Pier de Santen. In succeeding years they were to be at the head of French revolution.

Then Marquis and his family left Bordeaux for Paris. Ludovik XVI was favorably disposed toward the Marquis de Langue and his smart son. Antuan met there with his first love named Anna. But revolutionary events broke his idyllic life. Antuan s father was killed and Lukas Butcher became a cripple. The family returned to Bordeaux, but was forced to leave it again. Marquise de Lange perished during this time.

Antuan and Lukas returned to Paris. It was the time of revolutionary terror. The boy and his servant, who had runaway, began to take vengeance on their enemies. The building young Marquis used when he went into hiding collapsed because of sudden fire, and he was buried alive. Faithful Lukas found and disentombed him 3 month later. But thanks to his special abilities of organism Antuan was alive. That same day the Anna was executed, and the lovers had last meeting took place close by guillotine.

Then the story moves to Florence. The Grandfather of young Marquis lived here. He was archbishop of Toscana and glad to help his grandson Antuan who was very ill and weak so soon after arriving. Only one thing could save him. The only food his organism was able to take in was virgin s blood. So Antuan came to the conclusion human were the tastiest delicacy.

After the death of grandfather Antuan inherited great wealth so he returned to France. Bourgeois had put down revolutionary terror and now it was time for Antuan to take action as he hated his enemies. He could never forgive them. His vengeance was horrible. His perverted imagination devised dreadful tortures.

The main idea of the novel is the development of evil, as evil is in everyone. Revolution was only stimulus to arouse evil. Violence gives birth to violence.

There are no positives hero or negative ones. All characters are complex. One of the best written parts is gustatory sense of the main character.

The novel is historically correct. It is written in Russian and has good style. The topic of the novel is unbrokenly keen. Reading is light. There is unit of 400 000 ens.

Anton Ulrich's agent, Elena Ulrich, writes:

This translation was made by non-professional translator. As a matter of fact it is a simple exposition of the involved chapter of the novel. If you have a possibility to make better translation we will send you Russian variant of the chapter.

I represent the right and interests of Russian author Anton Laptev writing under the pen-name Anton Ulrich. The series of his books has started to appear this year in Russia. These are books about mortal sins (one book is one sin) reduced to a cruel absurdity. The sense of each book is set in one country at one time. Countries and times are different for every book. For example the action of the first novel Gourmet takes place in France at the time of the bourgeois revolution.

There are seven books in all:

1. Gourmet sin is gluttony; France 1770-1794

2. Inquisitor sin is pride; Spain 1480-1517

3. Writer sin is envy; Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 1865

4. Sana sin is anger; small Russian town in our days

5. Jack sin is adultery; England, London 1888

6. Sadist sin is laziness; Russia, district near Moscow 1908

7. Gentleman sin is avidity; all world in our days.

The series were written in Russian.

Now I call your attention to the first novel Gourmet . I enclose the annotation and one of the chapters. If our suggestion is interesting for you I will be glad to answer you questions and send you all information.

Thank you for you attention.

In the hope of our collaboration

Sincerely yours Elena Ulrich

PS. Besides the series Seven sins two more series have appeared in 2004 by Anton Laptev. They are Classic next (four novels in the style of Fedor Dostoevsky, the place of action is Saint-Petersburg, the time is the last part of 19 century) and Secret signs (two books for children and teenagers about the mystic fright between kindness and evil).





Sample Chapter

Chapter Four - His Blood

The autumn was the time when peasant had been starting to gather in harvest with frantic haste. Wine-makers were treading down grapes in tuns. At that time a new band of smugglers who traded in salt illegally appeared in the province. One-Eyed-Jack got to know about this fact one of the first since Leticia and Anthuan had come back from Florence. One-Eyed-Jack had ordered to harness a carriage and went rush to the tavern where as he knew Lukas Butcher liked to spent his free time. Having told Butcher about competitor s appearing Jack asked what they should do.

- As usual, my friend, we'll continue to sell our goods by patronage of my and your master Marquis quartermaster, answered Lukas smiling in a disgusting manner. And then he called up a boy standing near by the door who was a son of tavern owner. Hey, lad, do you know Pettit?

The boy caught five coins thrown by Lukas and nodded his head.

- Run and tell him to assemble my detachment and go to the Marquis castle, - ordered Butcher and slapped One-Eyed-Jack on the back by his huge hand. I think additional bags with salt aren t burden, are they?

One-Eyed-Jack smiled to anticipate a good profit with pleasure and went back. So Butcher drunk up his wine jumped on the light chestnut fast horse and galloped at full speed to Martiniak castle.

When Marquis had got to know about competitor s appearance he was very glad. For a long time no one of smugglers dared to show up on Bordeaux where the quartermaster of the province was running the illegal salt trading by himself. It was so much bore for George to go to submissive peasants with his detachment of harassers. He hungered for a new amusement.

When Lukas handy swells had got together near by the castle Marquis de Lange took up a place on the point of the campaign against smugglers. And suddenly he decided his son would be interested in departure with him to look after the real male amusement. Marquis saw Anthuan had become reserved and tried to avoid contact with father after his trip to Italy.

Indeed Anthuan thought his father wasn t refine enough not so much refine as Medici. Last months George had sedentary life. He spent his time in the chamber for tortures or collated assignment for state treasure together with uncle Frountan or counted profits in the Nuare warehouse or joked with nobility at the revelry. He put on weight too much and didn t look like that slim youth. That youth came to Bordeaux and declared publicity from dais all punishments would take place only with his own permission. Father s humor became gross with nuance of vulgar. So George s clothes looked more and more ordinary and provincial. Observant child couldn t help taking notice such change of his dad. And now de Lange decided to bring the son nearer.

Marquis had been straddle and angry when at last Anthuan came to the yard dressed and prepared for the trip. At his mother urgent request Anthuan was wrapped up in warm jacket lined with wolf fur. There was too big fox cap with brush behind on his head. And also the boy insisted on long hunting knife in leather sheath and fastened it to his waist. Anthuan looked like a little robber and provoked laugh that was why swells reared with laughter. Butcher hushed them caught up little master and set him down before Marquis. So these cavalcades went up from the castle with whopping and whistle. Anthuan turned round and sow his mother was looking at their leaving. She wasn t against of Anthuan would see the real adult life. But she asked George to be more carefully because of their son.

Almost all day Marquis and his detachment were galloping to the supposed stopping place of smugglers. One-Eyed-Jack went along with swells and their master to be slightly dispelled. And he knew for certain where smugglers had decided to stay for a night.

- They stay in the tavern Three Crowns , - told Jack. The owner goes share with them. But the cook works for us. Don t touch him.

- As you wish, - grinned Butcher.

The tavern Three Crowns was situated on the furcation of two old roads. One of them led to Paris and other one to Marcel. Just from Marcel the smugglers received their goods. It was wild and deserted place. It was the place various thieves, fences and smugglers liked. Marquis ordered to halt not far from the tavern in a small oak grove. His swells had to rest, refresh and reconnoiter the disposition of their enemies before an attack. One-Eyed-Jack went to reconnoiter by himself. When he was back the swells had already fried a hare wounded earlier. The table-clothe was spread for Marquis and his son. Others ate reclining under oaks.

- It is there, - reported One-Eyed-Jack to Marquis after polite bow. They are eating.

- How many are them?

- Five. All of them are Corsicans. Plus the owner of tavern and two his assistants. Seven altogether.

One-Eyed Jack and Butcher looked at Marquis.

- I don t like Corsicans; - just he said and indifferently shrugged his shoulders.

Anthuan who was seating near his father put a knife straight absent-mindedly. His huge eyes become bright. This involuntary haste of blood impressed former smuggler so much. He walked away from Marquis and his son and crossed himself imperceptibly.

After the sunset the detachment slowly went along the road towards the tavern. Butcher ordered to wind rags with gross and leaves and leave round shoed hooves. Just because the cavalcade arrived to the Three Crowns without any noise. There was not any light inside the tavern, only single oil dull lantern above the entrance invited wayfarers to come in.

Butcher looked at Marquis. And de Lange cried by stentorian voice:

- In the name of the king!

And horsemen burst into the tavern. Nobody knew about the ambush made for detachment of Butcher. Suddenly armed people started to spring out from the nearest stable. Marquis paid heed them first as he stayed in the yard with little Anthuan. He cried loudly and went away spurred the horse. If Anthuan were not with him He would bravely start into the battle. But he promised Leticia to care about their son and not expose to danger. And his promise forced Marquis shamefully out.

To this cry Butcher who was the right hand and bodyguard of George darted out from the tavern. Instantly he appraised the situation, took a pistol from his bosom and shoot at smugglers. One of them run in advance fell down others stopped for a moment. It was a chance for Lukas to take a huge saber out of sheath and rush to them intrepidly. Sound of the battle and cry of injured men were heard inside the tavern. To all appearance there was an ambush too.

Marquis drove off far enough and set Anthuan down on the gross. He ordered very strictly to sit there keeping quiet and wait when he or Lukas would come and take him. At that time the smugglers recovered after sudden Butcher s counterblow and started to press Red Lukas. So Marquis appearing was found to be opportunely. Butcher handled expertly his saber and bet off fiercely. Two men lay by his foots and hardly they would stand up. But the smugglers were Corsican. So they wielded fine their long-long knives. Besides one of them picked up hurled by Lukas gun and began to reload it.

Marquise rushed on the horse like whirlwind in the thick of the battle and killed one of the smugglers by one blow. Butcher took heart and bright down his saber to another Corsican cut his head into two pieces by terrible strike.

Anthuan waited a minute and when he had found his father in the lighted circle of the oil lantern near by tavern entrance he carefully come there smelling an air with curiosity. The scream the abuse and above all the smell of fight the aroma of fear and fury wafted by the wind. Anthuan felt saltish smack of blood. The smallest pieces of iron which adults were cutting alive flesh of each other ruthlessly began to creak on the teeth. Iron mixed together with blood and oxidized right in the month. Anthuan thorough tasted by the tip of the tongue this new food like a great judge of wine who rolled a sip of cherry under palate. Wonderful taste made the boy to come to the lighted circle and fighting men nearer and nearer. Anthuan pressed himself to the cool stone wall looked out from the corner and started to observe what was going.

Corsicans had lost four men yet. Marquis and his detachment pressed the enemy to the tavern s entrance where the head of smugglers had been. As soon as they had decided to take cover in the tavern their companions run out. They lost the fight with swells of Red Butcher. And now the smugglers were surrounded by George de Lange and his men.

- Give up! And may be I ll keep your lives, - told Marquis with brave air. He rode on the horseback to the Corsicans clustered in the circle and bristled up by crooked knives.

Anthuan looked at his father with bated breath. Behind very quiet rustling was heard. It was like a noise what crept in the autumn night in the forest under fallen leaves.

Meanwhile swells started to disarmed and bind the smugglers. De Lange examined the captives and chose the youngest one than come close to him. Horse was shorted to the Corsican s face who had knelt before the brilliant Marquis and looked at him very spitefully under his thick brows. Only him de Lange allowed to keep hands free. So he wanted to interrogate the youth by himself and under torture of course. Usually it was in such way: Marquis offered an unfortunate wretch to have fisticuffs but always a rival was weaker. De Lange amused himself to heart s content and passed on the baton to his bodyguard Butcher who made the victim a chop. At the very end Lukas returned the captive back to Marquis. Unfortunate rival had already been on himself last lags bloody and slow understood. De Lange showy stood on half-bent legs and then aimed and stroked the last blow by his fist in the bridge of the nose. The bone was broken and splinters pierced into frontal parts of brain. After this wound nobody could get better once and for all. The victim of Marquis cruelty spent the rest of his life to view fingers and slobber. But of course more often the unfortunate wretch died at once. So Marquis hoped to enjoy himself and kill the young smuggler for his friend edification.

- Let teach the ragged fellow, - said Marquis dismounting.

One of his swells caught a bridle others picked up Marquis arm-in-arm and bright to de Lange s chosen rival.

- What is your name? asked Marquis taking off hunting sleeveless jacket and proffering it to Butcher.

- Jack, senior, - answered young smuggler.

- Jack? asked Marquis again and looked over the chosen for the death Corsican bust out laughing. I should guess! Of course Jack! What another name can such wretched individual have?

To tell the truth Jack cut a poor figure. Somebody of swells wounded his forehead by saber. His face was dirty. White in former times shirt was bloody. Jack stood before walking up and down Marquis and nervously trembled because he had heard about amusements of Bordeaux Quartermaster. Suddenly marquis stopped to smile and fixed his eyes anywhere in the darkness. From behind the tavern One-Eyed-Jack went with small Anthuan before him. One hand of the former smuggler was on the Anthuan s shoulder another one clasped crooked Corsican knife to the thin child s neck.

- Just move your Excellency and he will die, - he said agitated.

Anthuan felt this wicked man who had captured him become panic-stricken. The man rose over him and tried to protect himself from a bold spirit who could decide to fire a pistol. One-Eyed-Jack was all off a sweat because of the one Marquis look. The drop of sweat fell to Anthuan s face. The drop rolled down from chick to chin and hung there rocking in time of wary steps of former smuggler and his victim. On account of this drop the drop of another s sweat a wave of One-Eyed-Jack s fright run through Anthuan s body. The boy gave a deep sight. He understood the smuggler could not control himself. Most of all he wished to fall on his knees and cry for mercy. To tell the truth Anthuan was frightened when One-Eyed-Jack had captured him. But at last he clamed and felt him better.

- Your Excellency let my nephew go away, - continued meanwhile One-Eyed-Jack and moved slowly to the brightened circle. And I let your son go away too. Please let jack become free, - he nearly wept.

- Go away! Marquis ordered to Jack but didn t tear himself away from the aggressor.

Jack looked around and run to the dark oak grove. One-Eyed-Jack fallowed with eyes his nephew and stared at Marquis with worried look. The former smuggler knew as soon as he let Anthuan go to his father de Lange would start the real hunting with him as a game. That was why One-Eyed-Jack began to step back slowly to the grove. Having gave the capture an opportunity to follow closely he relaxed grasp. Anthuan took the occasion to clutch at the hand with a knife by his teeth. It took only one moment. One-Eyed-Jack howled through unbearable pang dropped the knife and pushed the boy away. Anthuan shook the head with force and pulled out huge flesh crape from the hand of his offender then run to his father. One-Eyed-Jack grappled one hand by other one trying to stop the bleeding and cried with terrible voice. Apparently Anthuan hurt a nerve. De Lange rushed to his son so the former smuggler took his heels round the corner. One-Eyed-Jack was being sought till morning. Marquis placed himself at the head of the hunting. He promised swells from Butcher s detachment money award one golden coin for the catching his son s invader or the nephew Jack. But smugglers were not a trace.

Having came back to the tavern de Lange gave vent to his fury and thirst for vengeance. He was torturing captures till night. Anthuan was present during the tortures which were in the large hall of the tavern on the first floor. It looked like to be accommodated for torments. Marquis was seating in the comfortable oak arm-chair of tavern owner not far from the fair-place. There were burning hot pokers on a fender. The captures were laying on the wide dinner tables in the very center of the hall. Their hands and feet were nailed with thick nail right to the wood.

Anthuan got a place on the branch in the corner near by the stairs to the second floor. Sometimes swells went down having took out wrapped up things of tavern owner. The owner himself was laying on the table among other smugglers. Swells asked Butcher at low voice where they should put the things. Butcher run torture s instruments near the fire-place and motioned to the entrance. There was a carriage filled with packages. Casting a glance askance at crucified tortured captures maddened because of pain swells came out without a word. Most of all crossed themselves secretly. De Lange was very cruel at that day Even experienced butcher was stricken. He cut leather of unfortunate wretches and sprinkled with salt plentifully their wounds. He seared by hot porkers their genitals. He stretched and cut their tendon. He put out their eyes and filled up with boiling water their months. It seemed human kindness had left this soul for sometime and yielded to infernal wish having hurt maximum.

Lukas in wide apron from the tavern s kitchen went round the tables and stopped near tavern owner. Having smirked he looked at his master. Marquis nod his approval without words. Butcher waved saw before owner s face. It was taken from the woodshed. There an assistant of owner sawed wood every morning. Tavern owner realized what a terrible position he was and opened bloody month without teeth mutely. Anthuan who was observing torments intentionally compared the man with just caught fish having seen cutting knife. Lukas nodded assent with spiteful grin. He gave the captive to understand all his most terrible assumptions were true. And then he efficiently started to saw off owner s foot.

When all captives had been killed ore died by themselves because of dreadful tortures de Lange ordered his swells to fire the tavern. And after that the detachment went back to the Marquis castle. Swells were depressed. They cast a glance at Butcher and Marquis with youth Anthuan in secret fright. And even great loot from the tavern didn t make them happy.

The boy revealed aptitude for feeling the strange fear last night. So he was feeling scared looks of the swells behind his back.

- That s a boy! said him his dad with low voice and stroked his goldish head. You were so brave last night.

Later Marquis found out a big shortage of salt what had been sold under the leadership of One-Eyed-Jack. Evidently having feared further control of entries in a cash-book which had been started by de Lange the former smuggler decided to let his Corsican friends know before and made an ambush for Butcher and his detachment. E just wanted to avoid a punishment. After homecoming the Quartermaster of Bordeaux province outlawed Marat Benon named One-Eyed-Jack. But they couldn t find and punish him. People said One-Eyed-Jack had come to North American colonies and took his salt capital and nephew.

George de Lange had not taken his son in such travel any more. Neither he no Anthuan told Leticia about the events of that dreadful night. Mother felt Anthuan had changed after the trip. But she was wise woman and preferred to ask her men nothing.

Anthuan after their return home was analyzing for a long time the new taste he had felt that night. He was walking a lot alone on the vineyard and taught of wonderful taste of fresh flesh and hot blood. Having bit off little piece of One-Eyed-Jack Anthuan could understand infinite variety of flesh s tasting nuances: gentle lion, tough shin or sappy nip. The boy was surprised by the taste of the flesh. It was sweaty and slightly bitter because of quickly coagulating blood.