John Fish B.Sc. Publishers of Tenby in Wales (UK)


New World Order

"Well it's like I'm the captain of Harvard's ship. I determine the course we navigate and what our destination will be. The destination is Pembrokeshire and we know why we're here. To understand the alien technology and then exploit it in the interests of the national security of the United States of America. But with our concept of the New World Order we claim we're acting in humanity's interests too and I both believe in and support that policy. Last week on the Internet I re-read Haile Selassie's speech to the League of Nations of 1936 in Geneva following the invasion of his county Ethiopia, or Abyssinia as it was then known, by Mussolini's Italians. I agree with Selassie that there has to be rule by law otherwise it's rule by thuggery and our science and technology is used for destructive purposes. In Ethiopia's case, Selassie's people were using bows and arrows against chemical warfare.

"So I believe we need our technological edge and that's why this project is of such vital importance to me. I share Martin Luther King's dream and this is my way of contributing to it. Until he was able to return to Ethiopia in 1941 with the help of the British, Selassie spent his exile in Britain and the Lion of Judah actually spent some time here, on Caldey Island. You also said you wanted to marry me."


Extract from Preseli Bluestones by Sion Pysgod

Published at Tenby in the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park (Wales, UK)

As a Star of Pembrokeshire Series Paperback