John Fish B.Sc. Publishers of Tenby in Wales (UK)


Company Profile

English and Welsh online and paperback publishing with a Pembrokeshire Theme to a generic Star of Pembrokeshire Series Paperbacks title. Why Pembrokeshire? The rational behind the initiative is investigated in: Muse of Pembrokeshire

1998 - Published Preseli Bluestones by Sion Pysgod

1999 - Published Silly Mid Off by Dave Ainsworth

2000 - Published A Tenby Lifeboat Family by Avis Nixon

2001 - Provided publishing consultancy, proof-reading and copy-editing for Fly Free by Frank Dassen

2010 - Jo Cawley of Cardiff University undertakes work experience with Tenby Publishers as Social Networking Co-ordinator












Job Description

Social Networking Co-ordinator


To upgrade and maintain Tenby Publishers global marketing strategy integrating existing static website based strategy with the interactivity of social networking utilising resources available in the public domain such as Facebook, blog and tweet. To this end undertaking a comprehensive review of Tenby Publishers titles, especially books in the Star of Pembrokeshire series, producing and maintaining (incorporating interactive feedback) promotional reviews and related material specifically targeting an audience of a social networking nature. With the longterm aim being to raise awareness of Tenby Publisers and its titles, and so increase sales leading to development of further titles. Due to the interactive nature of social networking then there will be a strong public relations role since the Social Networking Co-ordinator will tend to be the first point of contact globally with Tenby Publishers. Due to the evolutionary leap of social networking interactivity from traditional static websites, then the Social Networking Co-ordinator could well in itself be an evolutionary responsibility since the full implications, and resources available in the public domain, of social networking may not (and probably are not) yet to be fully transparent to Tenby Publishers.